Our Facilities

Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery

  • Regular Phacoemulsification
  • Microphacoemulsification
  • Monofocal Toric IOLs
  • Multifocal Toric IOLs
  • Iris Clip IOLs
  • Scleral Fixated IOLs

Vitreo Retinal Surgery

Our expert surgeons specialised in advanced vitreo retinal surgeries to treat various retinal conditions.

C3R (Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking)

A procedure to treat progressive keratoconus and corneal ectasia.

Squint Surgery

We offer surgical correction for misalignment of the eyes (strabismus).


Surgical treatment for blocked tear ducts to restore proper tear drainage.

Lid Surgeries

Various surgical procedures for eyelid abnormalities and conditions.

Spectralis OCT

A high-resolution imaging system used for the diagnosis and management of retinal diseases.

Digital Fundus Photography - FFA/ICG

Advanced imaging techniques to capture detailed images of the retina and its blood vessels.

Anterior Segment Photography

Imaging of the front part of the eye, including cornea, iris, and lens.

Retinal Grid Laser/Endo Laser

Laser treatments for retinal disorders, such as diabetic retinopathy or macular edema.

Nd-YAG Laser

For Laser peripheral iridotomy and capsulotomy posterior capsulotomy or iridotomy procedures.

Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

A non-invasive imaging technique to examine the retina and the posterior segment of the eye.

Ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound A scan and B scan to assess the structures of the eye, particularly the retina and vitreous.

Humphrey Field Analysis

A visual field test to evaluate peripheral vision and detect abnormalities.

Sirius Topographer

A corneal topography system to map the shape and curvature of the cornea.


Advanced phacoemulsification machines for cataract surgery.

Constellation Vitrectomy System

A cutting-edge system for vitrectomy procedures.

Contact Lenses

Our hospital provides a range of contact lens options for various visual needs.

Low Vision Aids

Devices and aids to assist individuals with low vision in daily activities.


We offer a wide selection of high-quality spectacles and frames to cater to different prescriptions and styles.